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Ways to Connect

Support Group Session

Widow/Widower Virtual Meet-Up Group

Looking to find your "tribe"?, this is one way Widows in Motion offers widows support globally!

The virtual meet-up group was created to provide support to widows and widowers around the world when the pandemic shut the world down.  The group has over 850 members and growing weekly.  The admins have provided a safe space for members of the widowed community to come on and seek support from other widows. 

There are options for pop-up rooms to be created by any members, weekly Zoom meetings with Karen, and Game Nights held every other Friday night with Destinee.




Karen Rohner Coaching

Karen is a certified life coach and widow since 2004. Karen loves to work side by side with other widows who are feeling defeated, lonely, stuck and wondering what's next in life.

PLEASE NOTE: The information provided by Widows in Motion  on all platforms is not to be interpreted as professional advice. No one on the Motion team is professional therapist or counselor. All interactions are intended for educational and informational purposes only. 

Widows in Motion is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible. Our EIN is 88-1474173

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